Friday, May 15, 2009


I was just introduced to the TV show, Biggest Losers, a few weeks ago--not really enough time to get into it at the end of the season.  It wasn't the biggest encouragement to me at that point because, "how could it help me?", so when my daughter mentioned a blog offering the same kind of accountability and encouragement... I had a decision to make!!!

As you can see I've taken the 20 week challenge to become a part of the BLOGGEST LOSERS hosted on  Each Friday we weigh in, take a picture of the scale for verification (reduces temptation to cheat!), and post to Kris' blog.

Of course in the meantime, I have to get busy.  It's serious business now to use my Wii Fit and decide on what healthy eating regime I'm going to use, but first I'm ready to report my weekly weight in picture!   It says 234.6.


  1. Awesome, Awesome!! The only thing is that I (don't know about anyone else) can't see exactly what your numbers are...could you either edit and write in what they are or leave another comment on here letting us know?

  2. P.S. It's great to have you on board with us!!

  3. Yes! First step to a whole new life!!!!